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Todays ride is easy... 'cause its not on the bike....
It's a long ride on the inside passage.

Southbound Sailings - M.V. Northern Expedition
Leave Prince Rupert

Arrive Port Hardy
All Departures 7:30 am Most Arrivals 10:30 pm
May: 19, 21, 23, 25, 27, 29 & 31 only
June, July, September: Even-numbered days
August: Odd-numbered days
On June 14, 28, July 12, 26, Aug. 9, 23 & Sept. 6, Inside Passage Day
Cruise includes an extra stop
at Bella Bella. Arrival time at Bella Bella is 5:30 pm, departure time
is 6:00 pm. Arrival time at
Port Hardy is 11:30 pm.

Todays route is brought to you for free by
Tay found my website(s) asking about routes Across Canada. Hopefully
i'll be able to be of assistance.

One of my dreams is to make a route across Canada. And yup, there are
lots of challenges that i have along the way. ... but presistance and
dedication, eventually i'll get my dream accomplished. One step at a

I hope that with my work for creating this national trail network,
that it will inspire others to help build it. .. and it can all be
done for free :-)
... everything that we need to make this happen is already available
to us. AND we already have tonnes of people working to make it
Despite the challenges and road-blocks that exist. (I'll share the
presentation when it's done, i just started it today), it'll still be
You Can Have anything you want in life if you get help enough people
get what they want - Somebody said that i dont know who :)
Over the next 200-300 days, i'll continue to do my route across Canada
and be building up the wiki with route details and stories along the
trail, which can all be shared on the
website. As for everyone who goes across Canada and shares their
storey, every time it gets done, it gets better. And as we collected
these routes and stories, we can create what will become the
'Official' National Cycle Network. ... created from the ground-up ...
all for free. Just because we can :-) ... and once the base route
is actually mapped.. then i can Bike Across Canada and fill in the
Once you take the "I" out of the equation, it becomes 'us', and our
project. I cant do this all on my own, nor am i an expert of every
travel trip along the entire route network. But together, from many
sharing their ideas, the national network gets built.
Everyone who joins the Across Canada Trails facebook page becomes an
admin to the site. And can have a say in the development of this
project :-)
... and the song of the day is .......

Have a great day!
Twitter: @Acrosscanada
Skype: samvekemans
IRC: irc:// #osm-ca Canadian OSM channel (an open chat room)