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The GPS device is an essential part of the equipment list, in the tech gear category.

GPS device

Ok, this one might be advertizing, but, like other things, its the best known..

The Garmin GPSMap 60Cx is probably the best.

See OpenStreetMap review of it here

It has a high sensitivity reciever, and instalable memory card. And
full colour & very durable.

One step below this has where you can get a handlebar mount is the
Legend. Less rugged, and less sencitivity.

And using the Ibycus Topo & GroundTruth OSM Canada & OSM Routable Maps
are the best :-)

GPSMAP 60C(S)x and 76C(S)x series

[1][2]The 60CSx[3][4]The 76CxTotally impressive GPS unit in every regard. SiRFstar III chipset makes signal lock indoors possible. Ability to load OSM data as a map (OSM Map On Garmin - works for other Garmin units as well). The GPSMAP 60 and 76 are sister series with identical firmware, but different outside layout. The 76 series is profiled more towards marine use, it should also float if dropped in water. The S(ensor)-models contain a fluxgate compass and barometer. The 60 series are well suited for outdoor sport (paragliding, bike, hiking, etc)

Connectivity can be provided by GPSBabel (GPSBabel GarminX - (new version of July 06) if you don't want to use the Windows software. Tracks can automatically be saved on the microSD card using very little space. When saving a track on the microSD, you'll keep all the timestamps and height information! With modern version of the firmware (≥ 3.1) You can also put the unit into a "USB Mass Storage Mode" where it just behaves like a SD card reader (however a card reader will be about 100 times faster). In this mode, the GPX files just show up in a drive on Windows and Linux, and you can upload directly to OSM. For Mac OS X (PPC and Intel) users there is also LoadMyTracks which can download/upload tracks from/to the device.

Latest firmware: 4.00 firmware update (May 26, 2009). (You can see your firmware version here: Menu > Setup > System > Menu (button) > Software Version)

  • Waterproof—the 70Cx and 70CSx float
  • Route finding capability
  • 256 color screen to display colored roads
  • Ships with a 1 GB (earlier: 64/128/256/512 MB) microSD card. Supports at least 8 GB (tested). (Cards with a capacity of > 2 GB are also known as microSDHC cards.)
  • 2 AA batteries — Alkaline, NiMH or (since Firmware version 2.70) Lithium-Ion[1]
  • Running time:
    • around 15 hours with Alkaline batteries,
    • 10 hours with 1800mAh Ni-MH batteries,
    • 18 to 27 hours (depending on backlight usage) with 2850 mAh Ni-MH batteries.
  • External antenna jack—allows mounting antenna in a remote location. e.g. the roof of your car
  • Practical handlebar mount available (not included)
  • funny gps-games ;)
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