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National Hiking Trail: History

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A National Hiking Trail[]

The National Hiking Trail (formerly the Sentier National Trail) will eventually be a 10,000-km footpath across Canada. Not to be confused with the multi-use Trans Canada Trail, the NHT is for foot travel only and has been under development since 1971. More than 3,000 km of the NHT are completed. Finished sections range in length from a few kilometres up to several hundred kilometres. Major portions of the trail across Quebec and Southern Ontario are in place.

In certain regions the NHT will combine with the Trans Canada Trail to follow the same route. In other areas the trail will provide a hiking alternative to the multi-use TCT. Through northern Ontario the two trails will follow the path of the Voyageur Trail and be for hiking only.

Much of the National Trail will be on terrain that is too rugged for most skiers but there will be some sections that are accessible for experienced skiers and snowshoers.


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