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This is the Travelogue page

Trekking Across Canada Would usually take 1 summer to complete this route.

This is longer than the "Bike Across Canada" route, but shorter than the Mountain Bike Across Canada route.

Traveling from West to East is preferred (as once you have biked the Rockies, then biking the long distances of the praries and northern Ontario where it is remote. will not be that hard.

Climate: In BC the best time to cycle is in the spring, but not too early, because it will be still cold in the rockies. And for newfoundland, you dont want to be there too late in the fall, as it gets too cold.

So May 24th (Victoria Day) - Leave Tofino

Canada Day (July 1st) - Be at Manitoba / Ontario Border

September 1st - Be in Newfoundland

... the idea here is to explain the route in detail and list where all the possable stops are (and the most recommended stops)

Day 001 - Tofino to Pacific Rim National Park

Day 002 - Pacific Rim National Park to Ucluelet


Day 014 Lake Cowichan to Youbou & back[]


Day 057 Prince Rupert to Port Hardy Ferry (19 July 2010)